Tilopa Tai Chi Qigong Center
  “Teaching Tai Chi Classes in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota since 1977
and Maui, Hawaii since 1997"
Director: Marilyn Allysum     612-825-6824

Tai Chi students talk about the class

             “I am writing to recommend Marilyn Allysum as a Tai Chi & Qigong teacher. Both as Marilyn’s student for more than 5 years and as a nurse, I am pleased to highly recommend her. Marilyn is a remarkable teacher able to work with people of any age or physical ability, gently inspiring each person in the direction of ever increasing flexibility, softness, and strength physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her teaching style, as I have experienced it, incorporates clear explanation and demonstration, imagery, story, touch, and humor providing reinforcement and accommodating all modes of learning.
            Marilyn understands the structure and physiology of the human body. She individualizes instruction so that movement may be performed in a style of accommodation to any pain or limitations while consistently encouraging growth and improvement in functioning
            It is a privilege to have Marilyn as a teacher. Her life and being model her commitment to health and wholeness. She inspires and helps students to improve their health and level of functioning in any setting.”
                                                                                                -Sonja H., R.N.

             “It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Marilyn Allysum from my professional perspective regarding Marilyn’s characteristics as a capable and qualified instructor. Marilyn is a very capable, caring and professional instructor. In addition to gradually increasing the endurance in the physical exercises and activities, Marilyn incorporates an Ancient Wisdom which helps one to become more centered and peaceful within one’s own self.  She encourages her students to learn at their own pace and within their own capabilities and limits.
            I, personally, have become stronger and have better balance and less physical pain in my hips due to the classes I have taken with Marilyn. Her knowledge of people and how their body and minds perform is vast. Marilyn is always very patient, positive, firm and personal with her students and spends the needed time for individuals to learn the various lessons. It is Marilyn’s creative, challenging instructive style that draws me to her classes each week!  She is a very talented person and her students admire her wisdom and talents.”
                                                                                                -Dee H., R.N.

             “I am honored to call myself one of your students. I have studied various martial art forms. Accordingly, I have experienced a variety of teachers from Milwaukee, Denver, Minneapolis, Okinawa and Japan.  I have also had a smattering of teacher-student relationships outside of traditional academia institutions.  These have included poetry teachers, pottery teachers and a teacher of invaluable “life lessons” who came into my life as a manager of the office where I worked decades ago. Thus, I feel rather qualified as I look at all of these relationships and offer this unequivocal assessment.  There never has been a teacher, (of anything in my life) that compares to you.
            In my experience, you are and always have been consistent with every student with whom you come in contact with.  The consistency I observe is your expression of love with each and every student. Another way of saying this is that I have never seen such ego-less interaction.  It matters not if it is a brand new student or a student of many years. Nor if the student is young, old, male, female, diligent, lazy, white, black, fat, thin or late!!! You are the same with all. What a remarkable accomplishment and yet I don’t believe that it is an effort on your part. I think it is truly your nature. I have thought on more than one occasion how much better I could be as a person if I could carry your example into the world, into all of my relationships.
            I am inspired by you. My interest in and my continuation with Tai Chi is directly related to the relationship I have with you as one of your many, many students. (“and where does she get that energy, that exuberance?”).
            I have re-read several passages in favorite books that address the teacher-student relationship. I liked these; however they didn’t quite hit the mark. They didn’t quite say what I was feeling. I found what I was looking for in Natalie Goldberg’s The Long Quiet Highway. She is describing her feelings as Dainin Katagiri Roshi, her teacher at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, is dealing with cancer.
            “So many people had passed through Zen Center, seen Roshi,
             loved him, carried the seed. It was in all of us to sprout. I held that in
             my heart. I, too, am in the lineage of Roshi, I said to myself. I practiced
             with him.” “In order to ensure the lineage, a lot of flowers have to be
             pollinated.” “We all carry Roshi within us.”
Thus, it is that I am honored to call myself one of your students. One of many, many students that you have touched, that you have reached with your selfless love. You have planted a seed. It is in us to sprout. I, too, am in the lineage with Marilyn, I practiced with her. We all carry you within us.”
                                                                                                -Ralph R.

             “When I started studying back in 1989, I never thought I could stick with it as I did. In that time, I have come to know you as a person of patience and playfulness. Your quest for excellence is tempered nicely by your sense of humor.  I look forward to traveling with you on the Tai Chi path that unfolds before us.”
                                                                                                -Tim B.

             “For the fortunate students, there are those teachers who can  “do”  their discipline, but can also  “teach”  their discipline.  You are one of those teachers and I am fortunate...!”
                                                                                                -Lynn D.

             “I would like to find a calm center, a source of boundless energy and a joyful, loving attitude toward the world and everything and everyone in it.  The way you are and what you’ve taught me so far give me reason to believe that those things are possible.
            In the time I’ve studied with you, I’ve never regretted coming to a class, however tired or harried I may have been, and I’ve always come away from class feeling more peaceful and alive than when I arrived.
            Thank you for being who you are and giving us so much.”
                                                                                                -Steve M.

             “It is the spiritual aspect of Tai Chi that resonates most with me. I have “The Listening Mind” handout on the wall of my office, and I often meditate on the concept of “yielding” both in my relationships with people and with my body.
            The sharing of philosophical and spiritual thoughts like these gives your classes the depth and richness that keeps me coming.”
                                                                                                -Larry H.

             “Tai Chi is and has been a part of our life now for over 10 years. It has gifted us with new friends, healthier bodies, an evolving philosophic perspective, and most importantly, an emerging soul.
            We are especially grateful for the path you have paved, your vision and leadership. May we continue to journey together in peace and in harmony.”
                                                                                                -Diane B.

             “So much to say - what an impact on my life Tai Chi has been -
To my teacher with so much patience - my journey of learning to be calm, “soft”, quiet.”
                                                                                                -Fran M.

         “I feel renewed and more than ready to get back to work after attending Marilyn’s class. I find that Tai Chi is an easy to do low impact exercise ( yes, it is exercise!) & it has a very calming & quieting quality to it. The more I do Tai Chi the more I enjoy it.”
                                                                                                -Carol F., M.S.

            “I found that Marilyn Allysum was a great instructor and I really enjoyed the sessions. The class atmosphere was very friendly, relaxed, and welcoming. Students are encouraged to play Tai Chi to the best of their ability, regardless of one's personal
situation or physical limitations. Unlike traditional exercise classes or health clubs, there is no competition and people are not there just to be seen or to show off. Tai Chi isn't that type of class.
        Tai Chi and Qigong is not really an exercise class, but is a gentle martial art based on Taoist principles that teaches students how to harmonize the
mind and body through movement and mental focus. Playing Tai Chi has an energizing yet calming effect on the mind and body. Principles I learned in the class have helped me to better manage my emotional response to stressful situations in my life, and how to un-do the acute physical toll stress takes on the body.
            Everyone knows that the mind can cause physical illness. What the Chinese have known for centuries (and Western medicine is beginning to embrace) is the idea that the mind can also be used to facilitate healing. In our culture it's a strange notion, but if you really think about it, it makes sense.
            I have a bulging disk in my low back that causes occasional flare-ups
of sciatica. During the time I took the Tai Chi and Qigong classes with Marilyn, I had absolutely no symptoms from this condition. Not only did I feel great, but I found I was able to increase my activity. In early and late September, I was able to participate in two bird-watching field trips through my local Audubon Society, both or which entailed four-hour treks on trails through the woods. Not once during those four-hour trips did my back or legs tire, nor did I feel the need to sit down on a bench to rest, which was
truly amazing. I believe that the effects of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes were responsible for this. Tai Chi is not something a person can master after just a few weeks...it is an ongoing process.”
                                                                                                -Karen C.

             “What I am getting out of this class?   I enjoy taking the classes. After every class I am more relaxed. Relaxed isn’t the right word to use, because you feel more than relaxed. Your whole body feels happy from the inside out!
            The moves are so slow and peaceful. I am looking forward to learning the whole form overtime.
Learning the Tai Chi form slowly bit by bit and in depth  gives you a greater understanding of  what it is about.”
                                                                                                -Nancy P.