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With our personalized instruction you will receive a very valuable tool for improving and maintaining health as well as to help cure disease.
Progress can be quickly realized because of the individual attention given.
Our workshop is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Experience Dawn and Sunset
Qigong Training Sessions with Marilyn Allysum

Location: Maui.

Email: tilopataichi@gmail.com 


            Qigong is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) principal methods of treatment.
Tai Chi Qigong exercises have been quietly helping people for thousands of years.  You will be introduced to and gain proficiency in the Ancient Healing Art of Tai Chi / Qigong.

            The practice of these exercises is utilized for the entire body, increasing and balancing the flow of energy throughout the whole body/mind system.  According to Chinese Medicine, disease is understood to be caused by an inadequate balance in the state of the body and its systems.

            The practice of Qigong is based upon the cultivation and balance of "Qi", roughly translated as "bioenergy."  Qigong is a scientific approach to unify the mind, body and spirit into a state of harmony, health, and balance.  The basic aim is to bring the body into a state of equipoise and self-renewal.  Qigong literally means "breath work," and is a distillation of several ancient healing systems, including Taoist Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, and Traditional Medicine.


Course Description:
Qigong Healing Sounds Therapy
is an effective means to help improve specific health related issues.  

The Benefits of learning Qigong Healing Sounds include:
The Healing Sounds help to move Qi throughout the whole body system. These tonal Sound vibrations enter the body and channel into the associated internal organs, improving Vital function of the Internal Organs as specific sound vibrations are intoned.
The Healing Sounds Qigong physically vibrates to the organs and cavities (cranial/nasal, abdominal, etc.), and also opens and moves Qi through the associated meridians and vessels - strengthening and regulating them.  Healing Sounds Qigong makes our Body/Mind System more integrated and powerful.  Approached and refined from a medical perspective, specific Healing Sounds can be added to Qigong to amplify and direct the movement of Qi.
The Qi that is developed and moved through the use of these Healing Sounds is very precious.  It is kept contained in the system by a quiet inward listening mind.
These Qigong Healing Sounds can be practiced standing, walking, sitting or lying down depending upon your condition and needs.