Tilopa Tai Chi Qigong Center
  “Teaching Tai Chi Classes in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota since 1977
and Maui, Hawaii since 1997"

Director: Marilyn Allysum     612-825-6824

Tai Chi Chuan Grand Long Form & Qigong Classes

Tai Chi Classes for Beginners
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Course Description:
This class is a complete training program in the Internal Arts.

This Class Meets Throughout the Year from your beginning Quarter 1.
Tuition Payments are made Quarterly.
Students Advance and receive personal guidance in a Study Group Format.

This style and program are not taught anywhere else in this region.
These specialized Tai Chi Classes have depth and fluidity. You will learn an authentic Tai Chi Chuan Grand Long Form and Qigong from the first lineage Chen family.

Our focus is on the deeper healing and classical meditative arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Taoist philosophies, breathing techniques, energy balancing, and meridian pathways are always taught as an integral part of our classes. It is the Goal of Our Program to provide a rich and unique learning opportunity for those who wish a thorough understanding and mastery of this art. Our instruction honors individual needs and learning methods.

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Quarter 1 (Quarter 2, 3, 4 follows)

When: Monday Evenings - Online Classes with Additional Video Tutorial Support
Begin: Tues., November 3, 2020
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM Central Time


$240 / Quarter 1 (12 consecutive weeks.)

To Register:

Pre-registration required.
Please include your cell phone number.

A personal Email invitation will be sent to enter Livestream.


Course Materials:

GRAND LONG FORM Video DVD or USB Flash Drive.
• Written Training Manuals (required) QIGONG TRAINING MANUAL
• Marilyn Allysum instructs, Filmed in Maui, Hawaii
• CDs - Music for Inner Harmony

If you have questions concerning this Tai Chi Program,
Call 612-825-6824 or